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High Alumina Brick

High alumina brick is a neutral refractory material produced by krnc company, with an alumina content of more than 48%. It is calcined from bauxite or other raw materials with high alumina content.

High thermal stability, refractoriness above 1770°C. With good slag resistance, it is used for the inner lining of masonry steelmaking electric furnace, glass melting furnace and cement rotary furnace.

High Alumina Brick Properties

High strength

High alumina bricks have high compressive strength and flexural strength, and can withstand greater mechanical pressure and impact.

Excellent refractory performance

High alumina brick is an extremely high temperature resistant material, which can remain strong and stable under high temperature.

Good wear resistance

Due to its special chemical composition and physical structure, high alumina bricks have good wear resistance and can be used for a long time under high temperature and high pressure.

Corrosion resistance

High alumina bricks have good acid and alkali properties, can resist the erosion of various chemical substances, and have strong corrosion resistance.

High alumina brick

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High Alumina Brick Production Process

The production process of high alumina bricks and multi clinker clay bricks is similar. The difference is that the proportion of clinker in the ingredients is relatively high, which can be as high as 90-95%. The clinker needs to be sorted and screened to remove iron before being broken. The formation temperature is relatively high, and the high alumina brick is generally 1500-1600°C when fired in a tunnel kiln.

High Alumina Brick Price

The refractory high alumina brick produced by Krnc is cheaper than the refractory clay brick. We have sold them to many countries and have rich experience in exporting and after-sales. Far below the market price, welcome to buy and get our latest high alumina brick price list.

High Alumina Brick Specifications

Product NameTypeAL203≥(%)Bulk Density(g/cm3)Net Unit Weight(kg)C.C.S.≥(Mpa)R.U.L.≥(℃)A.P.≤(%)Refractoriness(℃)
Hight Alumina BrickLZ-5555%2.23.8401400271770
LZ-7575% 2.64.560148026 1790

High Alumina Brick Application

  1. Masonry lining of blast furnaces, hot blast furnaces, electric furnace roofs, blast furnaces, reverberatory furnaces, and rotary kilns.
  2. Open-hearth regenerative checker bricks, plugs for pouring systems, nozzle bricks.
  3. The parts where silica bricks or clay bricks were originally used can be replaced by high alumina bricks, which can improve the service life of the equipment.
  4. Steel barrels, cement kilns, glass kilns, chemical industry kilns.

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