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Insulation brick

Refractory insulation bricks are a special type of brick that can withstand high temperatures and provide insulation. Insulation bricks are often used to line fireplaces, fireboxes, furnaces and kilns.

The common characteristics of these materials are small bulk density, light bulk density, and low thermal conductivity. However, the strength is low, the shrinkage is relatively large after high temperature reheating, and the heat insulation and moisturizing effects are good.

Classification of insulation bricks

Ordinary heat insulation bricks, the use temperature is below 1000 ℃, mainly include diatomite bricks, expanded razor stone bricks, expanded perlite bricks, etc., which are mostly used as heat insulation layers for thermal equipment.

Refractory insulation bricks, the use temperature is between 1000 ~ 1500 ℃, mainly light clay bricks, light silica bricks, light high alumina bricks and so on.

High-temperature insulation bricks can be used at temperatures above 1500°C and can be directly used as linings for high-temperature kilns. They mainly include lightweight corundum bricks, aluminum bubble brick products, and zirconia bubble brick products.

Insulation Brick Products


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