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Acid Proof Bricks

Acid-proof rate: 98-99%

Al2O3: 35-40%

Good acid resistance

Low apparent porosity

Well-controlled dimensions

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Acid Proof Brick is an anti-corrosion and acid-resistant material made of quartz, feldspar and clay as the main raw materials and fired at high temperature.


  1. High acid resistance, low water absorption, good flatness; beautiful and generous, elegant style.
  2. It has the properties of impermeability, frost resistance, salt resistance, alkali resistance, and weak acid corrosion resistance, and has strong bonding force with various materials.
  3. It can be applied on the surface of wet substrate without drying, and can be hardened in wet environment or under water.
  4. It is easy to operate and construct, similar to ordinary cement mortar construction, and easy to clean.


SiO2 (%)60~70
Al2O3 (%)20~30
FeO (%)0.5~3
Bulk Density g/cm32.3~2.4
Acid Resistance (%)>99.8
Water Absorption (%)≤0.5
Bending Strength Mpa>58.8
Compressive Strength Mpa≥120


  1. Chemical industry: reaction tower, cooling tower, distillation tower.
  2. Environmental protection industry: sewage filtration, water purification and sanitation, etc.
  3. Fertilizer industry: carbon removal tower, SiF4 removal, HF removal, ammonia removal tower, etc.
  4. Non-ferrous metals: various industrial gas, waste gas treatment devices.
  5. Steel industry: pickling waste gas treatment tower, hydrochloric acid recovery tower, Co2 gas tower, etc.
  6. Electronics industry: Waste gas treatment devices for semiconductor and other production processes.
  7. Metal industry: hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, complex acid gas mist scrubber.
  8. Food dairy, fermentation, processing.


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