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Acid Resistant Castable

Acid resistance: ≥95%

Al2O3: ≥40%

High temperature resistance

High tensile strength

Resistant to high humidity

High content of water and anchoring agent

High compression ratio

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Acid resistant castables refer to castable refractory materials that can resist the corrosion of acidic media (nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid, etc.) in a high temperature environment of 800-1200 °C.

Acid Resistant Castable Features

Acid resistant castables have the characteristics of small bulk density, fast solidification, high service temperature, compressive strength increases with the increase of temperature and acidity, small thermal conductivity, and small linear expansion coefficient.

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SiO2 (%)≥45≥48≥52
Bulk Density (g/cm3)≥1.6≥1.8≥2
Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)≥5≥8≥10
Acid Resistance (%)≥95≥95≥95
Thermal Conductivity (350±25℃,W/m·k)≤0.5≤0.55≤0.6
Service Temperature (℃)8009001000


Acid resistant castables are mainly used for anti-corrosion flue and chimney linings, acid storage tanks, pickling tank linings, nitric acid shrinkage tower linings, acid recovery furnace linings, and other container linings corroded by acidic high-temperature gases, etc.

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