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Al Mg Refractory Castable

Al2O3+MgO: ≥70%

Bulk density: 2.6-2.95g/cm³

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Al mg refractory castable is made of fused magnesia, sintered magnesia, fused or sintered magnesia aluminum spinel, fused corundum, alumina powder and high alumina powder.

The quality of raw materials can be divided into: ordinary aluminum-magnesium castables, ordinary high alumina-spinel castables, alumina-magnesia castables, alumina-spinel castables, corundum-spinel castables Castable.

Ordinary aluminum-magnesium castables are used as the overall lining of continuous casting ladles.

Ordinary high alumina-spinel castables are configured with high alumina bauxite aggregates and powders, bauxite and sintered spinel aggregates and powders. It is suitable for the overall lining of small and medium-sized continuous casting ladles, the permanent lining of tundishes and the lining of tapping channels of electric furnaces, etc.

The aggregate of alumina-magnesia castable is fused white corundum, or plate alumina, or fused high alumina corundum. It is generally used as the overall lining below the slag line of large ladles, and its service life is more than twice that of ordinary aluminum-magnesium castables. It can also be used as linings for other high-temperature furnaces, containers and launders.

Alumina-spinel castables and corundum-spinel castables are mainly used for the lining of large ladles, and can also be used for the lining of high-power electric furnace lids.

Al Mg Refractory Castable Features

  • High refractoriness
  • Quality assurance
  • Good effect

Al Mg Refractory Castable Video

Al Mg Refractory Castable Specification

ω(Al2O3+MgO) (%)≥70≥80≥85≥95
Bulk density(110℃×24h after drying)/(g/cm³)≥2.6≥2.8≥2.85≥2.95
Normal temperature compressive strength, MPa 110℃×24h after drying≥20
                                                                                1000℃×3h after firing≥30
                                                                                Test temperature×3h after firing≥50(1500℃)≥50(1550℃)≥60(1550℃)≥60(1600℃)
Heating permanent line change (%)               Test temperature×3h-0.5~+1.5

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