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Alkali Resistant Castable

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alkali resistant castables are alkali-resistant castables that use high-silicon, low-aluminum, and alkali-resistant ceramic particles as aggregates and powders, and are prepared with aluminate cement and admixtures.


  • Strong alkali resistance.
  • Good resistance to alkaline gases.
  • Erosion ability of slag.
  • Long lasting.


Alkali-resistant castable is mainly used for kiln door cover, calciner, preheater system, management system, etc. and other industrial kiln linings.

Alkali resistant castable storage requirements

Alkali-resistant castables must be stored in a dry warehouse. The effective storage period is 12 months in barrels and 4 months in bags. Protective measures against rain, snow and moisture must be taken during loading and transportation, and moisture is strictly prohibited.

Construction requirements

Construction preparation

  • Water. Must use clean drinking water, PH value between 6-8. Mixing water should be accurately weighed.Stir.
  • It is recommended to use a 200-375L forced mixer to mix until the material is uniform. All mixing tools must be clean.

Construction process

  • The pouring surface of all molds should be coated with a layer of machine oil.
  • All pre-embedded metal parts shall be coated with a layer of asphalt paint before pouring.
  • Use up the castable within 0.5h after mixing. When the pouring thickness is within 250mm, it is advisable to pour to the specified thickness at one time, and vibrate until it is completely dense.
  • The curing humidity is 100%, the curing temperature should be between 10~30°C, and the mold should be demoulded 24 hours after pouring. The total curing time is 3 to 7 days.
  • This material must not be mixed with other fresh concrete or used in direct contact.


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