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Brown Fused Alumina

Al2O3 Content: 92-96%

Refractoriness: 2250℃

True Density: ≥3. 90g/cm3

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Brown fused alumina (BFA) is made of high-quality abrasive grade bauxite as raw material, together with auxiliary materials, refined in an electric arc furnace at a high temperature above 2250 ℃. On this basis, after the secondary refining, the impurities are removed by a high-intensity magnetic separator, and the refractoriness of the BFA is above 1850 °C.


  • High purity
  • Good crystallinity
  • Liquidity
  • Low coefficient of linear expansion
  • Preservative


ApplicationIndexAl2O3Fe2O3SiO2TiO2Magnetic (%)
AbrasivesF 4#-80#≥95≤0.3≤1.5≤3.0≤0.05
F 90#-150#≥94≤0.3≤1.5≤3.0≤0.03
F 180#-240#≥93≤0.3≤1.5≤3.5≤0.02
P 8#-80#≥95.0≤0.2≤1.2≤3.0≤0.05
P 100#-150#≥94.0≤0.2≤1.2≤3.0≤0.03
P 180#-220#≥93.0≤0.3≤1.5≤3.5≤0.02
W 1#-63#≥92.5≤0.5≤1.8≤4.0
Refractory MaterialsSegment Sand 0-1mm≥95≤0.3≤1.5≤3.0
Segment Sand 1-3mm≥95≤0.3≤1.5≤3.0
Segment Sand 3-5mm≥95≤0.3≤1.5≤3.0
Segment Sand 5-8mm≥95≤0.3≤1.5≤3.0
Segment Sand 8-12mm≥95≤0.3≤1.5≤3.0
Segment Sand 25-0mm≥95≤0.3≤1.5≤3.0
Segment Sand 10-0mm≥95≤0.3≤1.5≤3.0
Segment Sand 50-0mm≥95≤0.3≤1.5≤3.0
Segment Sand 30-0mm≥95≤0.3≤1.5≤3.0
Fine Powder 180#-0≥94.5≤0.5≤1.5≤3.5
Fine Powder 200#-0≥94.5≤0.5≤1.5≤3.5
Fine Powder 320#-0≥94.5≤0.5≤1.5≤3.5


Abrasives: grinding wheel, abrasive belt, sandpaper, abrasive cloth, cutting disc, sandblasting process, grinding, wear-resistant floor, water jet cutting, coated abrasive, bonded abrasive, etc.

Refractory materials: castable, refractory brick, ramming material, slide plate, nozzle, ladle, furnace lining, precision casting, etc.

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