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Ceramic Fiber Board

Ceramic fiber board is aluminum silicate fiber board, a board made of refractory material.

Alternate Name: Aluminum Silicate Board

Al2O3: 40-55%

B.D: 260-320kg/m3

Size: Length, width regular size, thickness 20-100mm

Low heat conduction and capacity

Good thermal stability

High compressive strength

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The ceramic fiber board is made of aluminum silicate fiber cotton, which is formed by vacuum forming or dry method, dried and pressurized, and finally finished into ordinary ceramic fiber board.

The ordinary type has the same performance as the ceramic fiberboard, and the corresponding loose aluminum-silicon fiber cotton. The product has hard texture, high toughness and strength, good wind erosion resistance; light texture, no swelling when exposed to water, convenient construction, can be cut bc and bcnt at will, and is an ideal energy-saving product for kiln pipes and other insulation equipment.

Ceramic Fiber Board Features

  1. High compressive strength and long service life.
  2. Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity.
  3. Non-brittle material, good toughness.
  4. Accurate size, good flatness.
  5. Easy to cut and install, convenient construction.
  6. Excellent wind erosion resistance.
  7. Continuous production, uniform fiber distribution, stable performance.

Ceramic Fiber Board Classification

  • Normal: 1100℃
  • Standard: 1260°C
  • High-purity type: 1360°C
  • Zirconium-containing type: 1430°C


TypeOrdinaryStandardHigh PurityHigh AluminaZirconium
Classification temperature11001260126013601430
Working temperature<10001050110012001350
ColorwhitePure whitePure whitePure whitePure white
B.D, kg/m3260~320260~320260~320260~320260~320
Permanent linear change (%) 24 hours under  ,B.D320kg/m3-4 (1000℃)-3 (1000℃)-3 (1100℃)-3 (1250℃)-3 (1350℃)
Thermal Conductivity w/m·k0.085(400℃)0.085(400℃)0.085(400℃)0.085(400℃)0.085(400℃)
B.D, 285kg/m30.132(800℃)0.132(800℃)0.132(800℃)0.132(800℃)0.132(800℃)
B.D, 285kg/m30.180(1000℃)0.180(1000℃)0.180(1000℃)0.180(1000℃)0.180(1000℃)
Strength extension (Mpa) Thickness shrinkage 10%


  1. Metallurgical industry: backing insulation, heat insulation sheet.
  2. Non-ferrous metal industry: tundish and electrolytic cell backing.
  3. Ceramic industry: lightweight kiln car structure and kiln lining.
  4. Glass industry: backing insulation of molten pool.
  5. Petrochemical industry: heating furmace lining.


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