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Ceramic Fiber Cloth

Alternate Name: Aluminum Silicate Cloth

B.D: 500-750kg/m3

Organic content: ≤15%

High temperature resistance

Excellent high-temperature insulation

Thermal shock resistance

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Ceramic Fiber Cloth is a high performance industrial cloth made from zirconia grade ceramic fiber yarn, reinforced by high temperature alloy wire.


  1. High temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, low heat capacity.
  2. Excellent high temperature insulation performance, long service life.
  3. Anti-corrosion ability of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and zinc.
  4. Good low and high temperature strength.
  5. Non-toxic, harmless, no adverse effects on the environment.


Size,mmGradesGSMTemperature (℃)
1.5 SpecialMetallic10001200

Note:Ceramic fiber textiles contain about 15% organic fibers. When the temperature rises for the first time, as the temperature rises, the organic fibers in the product will gradually carbonize and turn black, and there will be smoke, and there may be flames in some places. This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use. As the temperature continues to rise, the product will gradually turn white again, the organic fiber has been completely carbonized, and the product is completely made of high-temperature resistant inorganic materials such as ceramic fiber.


  1. Heat insulation of various kilns, high temperature pipelines and containers
  2. Furnace door, valve, flange seal, fire door and fire shutter material, high temperature furnace door sensitive curtain
  3. Engine and instrument heat insulation, fireproof cable covering material, high temperature fireproof material
  4. Cloth for heat insulation covering, high temperature expansion joint filler, flue lining
  5. High temperature resistant labor protection products, fireproof clothing, high temperature filtration, sound absorption and other asbestos replacement applications


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