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Ceramic Fiber Cotton

Ceramic fiber cotton is the basic material of ceramic fiber series products.

Alternate Name: Aluminum Silicate Cotton

Al2O3: 40-55%

Fiber diameter: 3-5μm

Low thermal conductivity

Low heat storage

Fire proof

Noise reduction

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Ceramic fiber cotton is made by melting high-purity aluminum silicate raw materials and then using the blowing method or spinning method.

Ceramic fiber cotton can be further processed into ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic fiber rope and other products.


White in color, accurate in size, easy to cut and install, convenient in construction and save man-hours
Does not contain any binder, long-term use in neutral and oxidizing atmosphere
Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity, high refractoriness and high heat sensitivity
Excellent wind erosion resistance and mechanical impact resistance
Excellent sound absorption and fire performance
Automated production, stable density and performance


TypeCommonStandardHigh purityHigh aluminaZirconium containing
Classification Temperature (℃)10501260126013501430
Service temperature (℃)<10001050110012001350
Blowing μm2~32~32~32~32~3
Thread throwing μm3~4.5 3~4.5 3~4.53~4.03~4.0
Al2O3 (%)444647~4952-5539-40
Al2O3+SiO2 (%)96979999
Al2O3+SiO2+ZrO2 (%) – – –99
ZrO2 (%)15~17
Fe2O3 (%)<1.2<
Na2O+K2O (%)≤0.5≤


  1. Industrial kiln, boiler lining, backing heat insulation, fire resistance and heat preservation.
  2. Thermal insulation of thermal equipment such as steam engines and gas engines.
  3. Flexible heat insulation material for high temperature pipeline; high temperature gasket; high temperature filter.
  4. Thermal insulation of thermal reactor.
  5. Fire protection of various industrial equipment, heat insulation and fire protection of electrical components.
  6. Thermal insulation materials for incineration equipment.
  7. Raw materials for modules, folding blocks and veneer blocks.
  8. Thermal insulation of investment castings.


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