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Ceramic Fiber Module

Alternate Name: Aluminum Silicate Module

Al2O3: 42-75%

B.D: 200-240kg/m3

High temperature resistance

Excellent high-temperature insulation

Thermal shock resistance

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The ceramic fiber module is a new refractory lining product introduced to simplify and speed up the construction of the kiln and improve the integrity of the lining.

The product is white in color and regular in size, and can be directly fixed on the anchor nails of the steel plate of the industrial kiln shell.Classification temperature 1050-1400°C.

Ceramic Fiber Module Features

  1. Excellent chemical stability.
  2. Excellent thermal stability.
  3. Excellent elasticity.
  4. Good overall performance.
  5. Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance.


Classification Temperature (℃)105012601260135014301600
Linear Shrinkage (%) 192 kg/m3/at(24 h)℃≤2.0 (850℃)≤2.0 (1000℃)≤2.0 (1050℃)≤2.0 (1100℃)≤2.5 (1200℃)≤1.5 (1450℃)
Bulk & Density kg/m3172~240172~240172~240172~240172~240172~240
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 400℃
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 600℃
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 800℃
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 1000℃
Al2O3 (%)42~4445~4647~4952~5534~3672~75
Al2O3+SiO2 (%)≥99.0≥99.0≥99.0≥99.0≥99.0≥99.0
ZrO3 (%)15~17
Others (%)≤1.0≤1.0≤1.0≤1.0≤1.0≤1.0


  1. Furnace lining insulation for kilns in the petrochemical industry.
  2. Lining insulation of furnaces in the metallurgical industry.
  3. Lining insulation of kilns in ceramics, glass and other building materials industries.
  4. Lining insulation of heat treatment furnaces in the heat treatment industry.
  5. Iron and steel industry: ladle cover, heating furnace, annealing furnace, bell furnace, walking furnace, hot air pipe and pipeline, etc.
  6. Environmental protection and energy saving industry: garbage incinerator, RTO waste gas treatment furnace, SCR environmental protection catalytic furnace, etc.


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