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Ceramic Fiber Paper

Alternate Name: Aluminum Silicate Paper

B.D: 96-220kg/m3

Thickness: 0.5-6.5mm

Excellent flexibility, tear resistance


Corrosion resistance

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Ceramic fiber paper is made of selected aluminum silicate ceramic fiber cotton as the main raw material by wet forming process.

Ceramic Fiber Paper Features

  1. High strength tear resistance.
  2. High flexibility.
  3. Low slag content.
  4. Accurate thickness.
  5. Thermal shock resistance.
  6. Very low thermal conductivity.
  7. Insulating material.
  8. High temperature resistance.
  9. Insulation.
  10. Fireproofing.


TypeKRp1KRp2USA  LydallGermany RATH
Service Temperature (℃)600~120010001000, 14001000, 1400
B.D (kg/m3)180~220180~22096~14496~144
Organic Content (%)4~86~888.5
Thickness (mm)0.5~61~20.8~6.40.8~6.4
Max.Width (mm)1220122018301220


  1. Industrial furnaces, ladles, ladles, and submerged nozzles are used as high-temperature heat insulation materials.
  2. Electrical insulation and heat insulation materials for industrial electric furnaces, sealing materials for furnace doors and furnace body expansion joints.
  3. In some high-temperature instruments and equipment, it can also be used as heat insulation material.
  4. Used for glass-ceramic and hot-melt glass mold release.
  5. Ceramic fiber paper has good sound insulation and noise reduction performance, so it can usually be used as insulation material for the sound insulation
  6. layer of the muffler of the automobile exhaust pipe.


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