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Ceramic Fiber Rope

Alternate Name: Aluminum Silicate Rope

B.D: 500±30kg/m3

High temperature resistance

Resistance to chemical attack

High mechanical strength

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Ceramic fiber rope contain 15% organic carriers, which helps to establish physical formation of products which burn out at about 750°F (400°C). These ropes are produced by twisting multiple plies of ceramic fiber wicking together. Standard 3-ply twisted rope is relatively soft and low in density and is the most economical choice.


  1. High temperature resistance.
  2. Resistance to chemical attack.
  3. Good heat shock resistance.
  4. High mechanical strength.
  5. Low conductivity and heat capacity.


TypeRopeTapeRound ropeSquare ropeTwisted Rope
Classification Temp (°C)12601260126012601260
Bulk Density kg/m3500±30500±30500±30500±30500±30
Organic Content (%)≤15≤15≤15≤15≤15
Loss After Firing(800°C) %12±212±212±212±212±2


Ceramic fiber ropes are used in many areas including oven, furnace and boiler door sealing or caulking, expansion joints, cable or pipe wrapping, high temperature sealing or gasketing. These products have been widely used in welding, foundries, aluminum and steel mills, boiler insulation and sealing, exhaust systems, shipyards, refineries, power plants and chemical plants.


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