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Ceramic Fiber Tube

Alternate Name: Aluminum Silicate Tupe

B.D: 100-300kg/m3

Prevent the pipeline from open fire, melt splash

Stable chemical properties

Good heat insulation

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The ceramic fiber tube is made of ceramic fiber as raw material through mold processing, drying, curing and shaping. Widely used: thermal insulation of thermal pipelines in power plants, chemical industry, coking, heating, etc.


  • High temperature resistance, good heat insulation.
  • Prevent the pipeline from open fire, melt splash, high temperature heat radiation.
  • It can effectively avoid personnel suffering from the burning injury of high-heat pipelines (lines) in the high-temperature area.
  • Stable chemical properties, can withstand the erosion of a variety of chemical substances.


Inner diameter: φ18-529mm.

Wall thickness: 30mm-150mm.

Length: 1000mm.

It is also customized according to your drawing.


Service temperature ℃10001260
B.D, kg/m3100-180150-300
Thermal conductivity
0.034(20℃) 0.09(400℃) 0.12(600℃)0.127(600℃) 0.20(1000℃)
Shot content (%) Φ>0.25mm1113.6
Permanent liner change (%)
(After 24 hours)
3.5 600℃2 1000℃


Ceramic fiber tube is widely used on cable, hose, tubing, exhaust pipe and so on in the fields of metallurgy, petrochemical, electric power, automobile, aviation and other fields under high temperature environment.


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