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Fire Clay Insulation Brick

Light weight refractory clay bricks is of low price, but of good thermal vibration stability and thermal insulation.

Bulk Density: 0.6-1.0g/cm3

High porosity

Small volume density

High mechanical intensity

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Fire clay insulation brick is a thermal insulation refractory product made of refractory clay as the main raw material with an Al2O3 content of 30%~48%.

Fire clay insulation brick adopts sintering method. The production process of refractory clay, floating beads and refractory adopts sintering method. Products with refractory clay, floating beads, and refractory bulk density of 0.3~1.5g/cm3.


  1. Low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect.
  2. Low heat capacity, little heat energy storage, very good energy saving effect in intermittent operation.
  3. The performance is stable, and it can still maintain good performance under reducing atmosphere.
  4. It can reduce the heat dissipation loss of the kiln, save energy consumption, and reduce the weight of thermal equipment.


Temperature (℃)9001000120013001400150013001400
Bulk density(kg/m3)650650780780890960110601140
Linear Change after Reheating (%) (℃*8hour)0.60 (900)0.80 (1000)0.30 (1200)0.30 (1300)0.60 (1400)0.90 (1500)0.70 (1300)0.80 (1140)
Compressive strength Mpa1.
Thermal expansion (%)0.10 (900)0.23 (1000)0.50 (1000)0.50 (1000)0.48 (1000)0.50 (1000)0.50 (1000)0.50 (1000)


Fire Clay Insulation Brick is suitable for blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, carbon roasters, carbon calciners, coke ovens, ladles, casting systems, boilers, cement kilns, glass kilns and various furnace linings and thermal equipment, etc.


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