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Fused AZS Bricks

Fused zirconia corundum bricks, also known as AZS bricks, are arranged according to three chemical components in the Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2 phase diagram.

Model: AZS-33/AZS-34/AZS-36

Al2O3: 45-51%

ZrO2: 32-40%

SiO2: 12-15%

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Fused azs bricks, also known as fused zirconia corundum bricks, are the most important refractory materials to ensure the normal operation of glass melting furnaces.

The current glass melting furnace increases the melting speed, prolongs the life of the furnace, and reduces fuel consumption mainly because of the use of fused zirconia corundum bricks.

Electroformed AZS refractory bricks are mainly used for glass and frit furnaces as lining bricks, side walls, working pools, outlet bricks, and corner bricks.



BD, PT.QX≥3.40≥3.30≥3.45≥3.40≥3.55≤3.65
BD, MS≤3.50≤3.45≤3.60≤3.55≤3.70≤3.65
BD, WS≤3.60≤3.55≤3.70≤3.65≤3.80≤3.75

Fused AZS Bricks Production Process 

Characteristics and Application

Fused azs bricks-33

Fused azs bricks-33 has good corrosion resistance to liquid glass, is not easy to produce stones or other defects, and has low possibility of producing small bubbles. Therefore, Fused azs bricks-33 bricks are widely used in glass kilns, mainly applicable to the upper structure of the melting pool, the pool wall bricks and paving bricks of the working pool, and the material channel.

Fused azs bricks-36

In addition to having the same eutectic body as the AZS33 brick, AZS36 brick is suitable for areas with high liquid glass flow rate and high temperature, such as melting pool wall bricks, paving bricks, charging port bricks, etc., because of the increase of more interlocking zirconia crystals and the decrease of glass phase content.

Fused azs bricks-41

AZS41 brick contains more uniformly distributed zirconia crystals besides the eutectic of silicon oxide and aluminum oxide. In the zirconia corundum brick system, its corrosion resistance is the best. Therefore, the key parts of the glass furnace were selected to balance the life of these parts with that of other parts.

AZS41 is the most excellent product in the melting and casting AZS series, with extremely high resistance to liquid glass corrosion and extremely high glass phase seepage temperature, and extremely low pollution to liquid glass. It is widely used in key parts such as tank wall, feeding inlet corner, flow hole, kiln ridge, tank bottom bubbling and all electric melting furnace at the hot spot of glass furnace.

Fused azs bricks-36S

The low silicon and low sodium melting and casting AZS series products have the characteristics of low glass phase content, high glass phase seepage temperature, good high-temperature stability, and strong resistance to corrosion of liquid glass. They are melting and casting refractories for realizing overall thermal insulation, energy conservation and long life of the furnace.

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