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Fused Chrome Corundum Bricks


Heat resistant

Good thermal shock stability

Dense tissue structure

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Fused chrome corundum bricks are made by melting alumina in an electric arc furnace and casting it into a specific model of a specific shape. Through annealing and heat preservation, and then processed with diamond abrasives, the required refractory bricks are obtained.The product is divided into 3 types according to the different crystalline forms of alumina in it and the quantity.


Fused Chrome Corundum BricksKR-G92-Cr
Al2O3 (%)≥92
SiO2 (%)≤1.0
Fe2O3 (%)≤0.3
CaO (%)≤1.2
Na2O (%)
ZrO2 (%)≥3
Cr2O3 (%)≥3
Apparent Porosity (%)≤15
Bulk density g/cm3≥3.25
Pressure strength, Mpa≥180
Load softening temperature, 0.2Mpa T0.6℃≥9.5
Burning line rate of change (%) 1500℃×2h≥1900
Load softening temperature, 0.2Mpa T0.6℃≥1680

The first type is α-Al2O3 as the main crystal phase, which is called α-corundum brick.

The second type is mainly α-Al2O3 and β-Al2O3 crystal phase, the content is basically 1:1, and the content of α phase is slightly higher, which is called α-β corundum brick.

The third type is dominated by β-Al2O3 crystal phase, which is called β-corundum brick.

Fused α corundum bricks

Fused α corundum brick is a high-grade fused cast refractory with α- Alumina as the main crystalline phase.

It is characterized by dense structure, high erosion resistance, high refractoriness and high temperature structural strength, and good high temperature chemical stability.It is an ideal material for glass kilns in the low-temperature zone and metallurgical titanium furnaces.

It is mainly used in the cooling pool part and superstructure of glass kilns as well as non-ferrous metal smelting furnaces and high temperature tunnel kilns.

Fused α-β corundum bricks

Fused α-β corundum bricks are made of high purity calcined alumina (more than 95%) and a small amount of admixture, and then put into a three-phase electric arc furnace. The bricks are melted at over 2300°C and cast into a special mold, and then tempered and annealed and removed. The bricks are cold processed, pre-assembled and inspected to meet the customer’s requirements.

Fused α-β corundum bricks are commonly used in light industry, building materials, electronics and other glass furnaces as high-grade electrofused refractories. It has more excellent performance than other materials in terms of resistance to glass liquid erosion, foaming and stone formation, and especially has a crystalline structure that is almost non-polluting to glass liquid. Therefore, it is the preferred refractory material for glass forming parts such as clarification section, working pool, runner and feed channel of glass kilns.

Fused β corundum bricks

Fused β-corundum bricks are characterized by high temperature resistance, high alkali resistance and excellent thermal shock stability. It is a new type of refractory material used in the chest wall, spit noisy and top noisy part of float glass kiln. β-corundum brick is composed of 100% β-alumina, with strong resistance to flaking, especially to strong alkali vapor shows high resistance to erosion, and almost no glass phase, no pollution to molten glass. It can be used in the superstructure part where the glass material is less scattered and its excellent characteristics can be fully developed.


Itemα-β Aluminaα- Aluminaα- Aluminaβ- Aluminaβ- Alumina
Al2O3 (%)≥9598.5≥92
SiO2 (%)≤0.50.4≤0.5
NaO2 (%)3~50.95~7
Other oxides (%)≤0.5≤0.2 ≤0.2
Bulk density g/cm33.543.943.26
Cold crushing strength MPa≥200≥250≥300
Thermal expansion coefficient, 1000℃0.70.880.65
Thermal expansion coefficient, 1500℃1.091.321.01
Crystallographic Analysis (%) α-Al2O340~5090~95

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