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High Alumina Anchor Bricks

Al2O3: 55-75%

Function: Anchorage connection

Custom sizes and shaped bricks available

High temperature resistant

Excellent thermal performance

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High alumina anchor bricks are made of natural high-grade bauxite as the main refractory raw material, adding soft or semi-soft clay as a binder to the high-alumina clinker to start batching, mixing, molding, drying, and finally firing. Shaped high alumina refractory bricks.


  1. High temperature volume stability.
  2. Good corrosion resistance.
  3. High softening temperature under load.
  4. Anti-peeling, high compressive strength.

High Alumina Anchor Brick Specifications

Al2O3 (%)≥55≥60≥75
CaO (%)≤2≤2≤2
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa≥50≥50≥55
Tensile Strength, MPa≥4≥4.1≥4.2
Refractoriness under load 0.2MPa, °C≥1450≥1500≥1520
Apparent Porosity, %≤22(24)≤23(24)≤21(23)
Bulk Density, g/cm32.32.35-2.42.5-2.6
ting Permanent Linear Change (1500°Cx2h), %-0.4~+0.2-0.3~+0.2-0.3~+0.2


High-alumina anchor bricks are refractory bricks for the furnace roof and wall of the heating furnace, which can meet the needs of the lining of the heating furnace, ensure the service life of the lining of the heating furnace, and improve the economic benefits of the heating furnace.

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