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High Alumina Arc Brick

Al2O3: 55-78%

Apparent Porosity: 21-28%

Long service life

Strong corrosion resistance

Construction is convenient

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High Alumina Arc Brick is mainly used as the necessary brick type for steel drum lining.
The material of High Alumina Arc Refractory Brick is basically the same as ordinary high alumina brick except for the difference in brick shape and size. It has high refractoriness, no deformation, regular shape, smooth flow, good crack resistance, no peeling and Corrosive characteristics.


  1. High service life, more clinker clay bricks increase by 210%.
  2. The reduction of unit consumption shows the superiority of high aluminum universal arc. And the reduction of unit consumption can explain the corresponding reduction of non-metallic inclusions in molten steel.
  3. After use, check that the cross-section of high alumina bricks has better corrosion resistance to slag and molten steel than multi-clinker clay bricks.
  4. Due to the roundness at both ends of the high-alumina universal arc refractory brick, it can be used when laying bricks. Move back and forth to adjust the roundness, so it is convenient to build refractory bricks, and the brick joints can generally reach 1mm.
  5. The vertical joints of universal arc bricks are smaller, which is 70% less than that of standard refractory bricks, so that the erosion of the molten iron layer moving up and down and deep into the brick joints is corrected.
  6. Due to the improvement of the quality of refractory bricks, the thickness of the lining bricks can be reduced, and the capacity of the steel drum can be increased accordingly.
  7. Due to the long service life and the convenience of bricklaying, the labor required for laying steel drums behind the furnace is reduced, and the utilization rate of steel drums is increased.


Al2O3 (%)≥55≥55≥65≥75≥78
Fe2O3 (%)22
Refractoriness under load 0.2MPa °C14701490151015301550
Apparent Porosity (%)2228282421
Cold Crushing Strength MPa≥4535405070


High Alumina Arc Brick is mainly used in blast furnaces, electric furnaces, hot blast stoves, thermal boilers, glass kilns, cement kilns, fertilizer gas furnaces, casting and pouring bricks, etc.

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