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High Alumina Brick For Coke Oven

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High-alumina bricks for coke ovens have low porosity, compactness, good thermal shock resistance, and a refractoriness of 1750-1790 °C. They are mainly used for masonry in the burner head of the coke oven combustion chamber and the bottom of the carbonization chamber.


  • Low porosity
  • Good compactness
  • Good thermal shock resistance


AL2O3 (%)75655585
Fe203 (%)
Bulk density g/cm³2.
Normal temperature compressive strength MPa70605080
Load softening temperature ℃1510146014201550
Refractoriness ℃1790177017701790
Apparent porosity (%)22232421
Line rate of change (%)-0.3-0.4-0.4-0.2


Mainly used for masonry coke oven combustion chamber furnace head and carbonization chamber bottom and other parts.

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