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High Alumina Bricks For Steelmaking Electric Furnace Roof

Excellent high temperature mechanical properties

Chemical resistance

Thermal shock stability is more excellent

Special-shaped high-alumina bricks can be customized

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High alumina bricks for steelmaking electric furnace roof are made of bauxite clinker as the main raw material, formed by high pressure and sintered at high temperature. The main mineral composition is corundum and mullite phase, which has good high temperature mechanical properties and chemical corrosion resistance. Especially for unfired products, the dimensions are more accurate and the thermal shock stability is better.


Al2O3 (%)≥80≥75≥80≥75
Refractoriness (℃)≥1780≥1780
0.2MPa load softening start temperature (℃)≥1530 ≥1520 ≥1530 ≥1520
Reburning line change (1500℃×2h) (%)0.2~-0.4
Apparent porosity              Furnace roof brick≤19≤18
                                               Arch brick≤21≤20
Normal temperature compressive strength (MPa)≥75≥65≥60≥55
Thermal shock resistance (1100℃, water cooling) times≥provide data≥8

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