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High Alumina Mortar


High fire resistance

For high alumina brick

Erosion resistance

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High alumina mortar is made of high alumina refractory clinker powder with appropriate amount of plasticized clay binding agent and plasticizer.


  1. Good plasticity.
  2. Easy construction.
  3. High bond strength.
  4. Preservative.
  5. High softening temperature under load.
  6. Good thermal shock resistance.
  7. Anti-stripping.
  8. Anti-scour.


Al2O3 (%)≥65≥55≥48
Fe2O3 (%)≤2.0≤2.0≤2.0
Refractoriness (℃)180017801760
0.2MPa load softening start temperature (℃)≥1500≥1480≥1450
Reburnishing line change1500℃, 2h1450℃, 2h0~0.20~0.20~0.2
Porosity (%)≤19≤19
Column 1 Value 758.858.849


High Alumina Mortar can be widely used in various high-alumina brick industrial kilns, such as the construction of hot blast furnace roof, regenerator, combustion chamber and other parts, and the repair of the upper part of blast furnace and other parts of industrial furnace roof and furnace wall.


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