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High Chrome Bricks


High load softening temperature

Bulk density:3.5-4.25g/cm3

High temperature resistant

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High chromium bricks are made of chromium oxide and alumina as the main raw materials, or a small amount of zirconium oxide is introduced. After high temperature firing into. The content of chromium oxide is not less than 75%, and the content of chromium oxide and alumina is not less than 98% of the shaped refractory products. High chromium bricks have excellent resistance to leaching, high compressive strength at room temperature, excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, good thermal shock resistance, etc.

High chromium bricks (Cr2O3≥90%) are mainly used in coal chemical industry, chemical industry kilns, alkali-free glass fiber kilns, waste incinerators, gasification furnaces and other key parts of the kilns. Chrome corundum brick is mainly used for the lining of carbon black furnace, copper smelting furnace, molten pool of glass kiln, chute of steel rolling heating furnace, steel discharge platform.


ItemHigh chrome oxide brick80 chrome brick70 chrome brick60 chrome brick50 chrome brick
Cr2O3 (%)≥93≥80≥70≥60≥50
Bulk density g/cm3≥4.25≥4.1≥3.7≥3.6≥3.5
Apparent Porosity (%)≤16≤16≤16≤15≤16
Cold crushing strength MPa≥100≥120≥120≥120≥120
Load softening temperature 0.2MPa 0.6%≥1700≥1700≥1700≥1700≥1700


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