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JM23 Mullite Insulation Brick

Al2O3: 42-45%

Bulk Density: 0.5-1.0g/cm3

High porosity

Small volume density

High mechanical intensity

Small thermal conductivity

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JM23 mullite insulation brick is made of high-purity mullite as raw material, adding alumina powder according to different varieties, and sintering at high temperature.


  1. High temperature structural strength.
  2. Low creep rate at high temperature.
  3. Small coefficient of thermal expansion.
  4. Strong chemical resistance.
  5. Good thermal shock resistance.
  6. Furnace face linings suitable for direct contact with flames.


JM23 Mullite Insulation BrickABCDE
Volume density (g/cm3)0.50.550.60.81
Reheating Linear Change 1300℃*12h, %-1-0.6-0.5-0.4-0.2
Cold Compression Strength (Mpa)
Bending Strength At Normal Temperature (Mpa)0.911.11.31.7
Thermal Conductivity 350℃w/m·k0.
Al2O3 (%)4242444545
SiO2 (%)5454525151
Fe2O3 (%)


JM23 mullite insulation bricks are widely used in thermal insulation of various industrial kilns. Such as electric furnace, metallurgical furnace, petroleum cracking furnace, metallurgical hot blast furnace, ceramic roller kiln, tunnel kiln, electric porcelain shuttle kiln, glass industrial pot furnace, various electric furnace linings and high-temperature equipment.


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