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JM30 Mullite Insulation Brick

Al2O3: 72-75%

Bulk Density: 1.0-1.2g/cm3

High porosity

Small volume density

High mechanical intensity

Small thermal conductivity

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JM30 mullite insulation bricks are made of pure mullite as raw material, adding alumina powder according to different types and sintering at high temperature.


  1. High porosity.
  2. Small volume density.
  3. Good insulation effect.
  4. High mechanical intensity.
  5. Small thermal conductivity

JM30/32 Mullite Insulation Brick Specification

JM28 Mullite Insulation BrickJM30AJM30BJM32AJM32B
Volume density (g/cm3)
Reheating Linear Change 1500℃*12h %-0.8-0.7-0.8-0.7
Cold Compression Strength (Mpa)
Modulus of Rupture (Mpa)
Thermal Conductivity 350℃w/m·k0.40.430.430.46
Al2O3 (%)72727575
SiO2 (%)26262323
Fe2O3 (%)


JM30 Mullite Insulation Brick should be used as the first layer of a refractory lining or as back insulating layer behind all other refractory layers in furnaces, bakes, fire channels, refining chambers and heat furnaces, regenerators, gas production plants and conduits, intended furnaces, stress-relieving furnaces, reactor chambers and similar high-temperature industrial devices.


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