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Mullite Castable

Al2O3: 55-70%

Erosion resistance

High strength

Good thermal stability

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Mullite castable is a refractory castable made of mullite as aggregate, powder and certain binder.


low thermal conductivity.
Good insulation performance.
Can be baked quickly, shortening the duration of the oven.


Product GradeKRMJ55KRMJ60KRMJ65KRMJ70
Al2O3 content (%)≥55≥60≥65≥70
Bulk density, g/cm3≥22≥2.3≥2.4≥2.5
Flexural strength, MPa≥7≥7≥8≥9
Compressive strength, MPa≥30≥35≥40≥45
inear variation(%)≤±0.5≤±0.5≤±0.5≤±0.5
Maximum use temperature, (℃ )1450150015501600


Mullite castables are used in petrochemical industry tubular heating furnaces, light diesel oil, ethane cracking furnace linings, atmospheric and vacuum furnaces, sulfur recovery devices, steam boilers, tortoise shell net insulation layers, two cylinders and pipe insulation units Floor, other industrial furnace doors, fire viewing holes, lining of observation hole doors, etc.

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