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Refractory Cement CA50

CA50 Model: A600, A700, A900

Material: Calcium aluminate

Quick hardening and early strengthening


Paper bags: 25/50kg

Big bags: 1.0/1.5mt

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The rheological properties of Refractory Cement CA50 are ideal for all types of placement methods, especially casting and gunning. Recommended for applications with rapid hardening characteristics and excellent mechanical properties.


  • Good plasticity.
  • Easy construction.
  • high bond strength.
  • Strong corrosion resistance.
  • high refractoriness.
  • Good resistance to slag invasion.
  • Good thermal peeling.


Refractory cement TypesUsual rangeSpecification limitUsual rangeSpecification limitUsual rangeSpecification limit
SiO2 (%)7.8-8.3≤9.07.0-7.5≤8.05.0-5.5≤6.0
Al203 (%)50.0-51.0≥50.050.5-51.5≥50.053.5-54.5≥53.0
Fe203 (%)1.5-2.5≤3.01.5-2.5≤3.01.5-2.0≤3.0
R20 (%)≤0.5≤0.5≤0.5
S- (%)≤0.2≤0.2≤0.2
CI- (%)≤0.06≤0.06≤0.06
Specific surface areas m2/kg≥320≥350≥380
Setting time, min
Initial setting time IS50-120≥3050-120≥30150-210≥150
Final setting time FS90-180≤360120-210≤360210-300≤360
Flexural strength, Mpa
Compressive strength, Mpa


KERUI CA50 products are manufactured by sintering process in rotary kiln, represented by three product types A600. A700 and A900.

  1. CA50-A600: A600 product has rapid hardening properities and high hydration exothermic rate, it’ s widely recommended for conventional high cement castables such as high performance alkali resistance castables, high alumina castables and slag-stopping ball, etc.
  2. CA50-A700: In comparison with A600, A700 product has lower impurities level, stable hardening properties and rapid strength development, it is recommended mainly to be used in low cement castables.
  3. CA50-A900: A900 product is produced with selection of high purity materials, the alumina content of A900 is higher than other grades, and impurity oxides as like SiO2, Fe203 content is lower than that of A600 and A700. So, it is widely recommended for applications where stable hardening properties, good working ability and excellent mechanical performance are required.

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