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Refractory Cement CA70

Model: CA70, CA70W, CA70S

Material: Calcium aluminate

CA70W: Used in low temperature

CA70S: Long workable time, used in high temperature

Stable corrosion resistance from surface effect

High purity calcium aluminate cement

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High purity calcium aluminate cement CA70 contain only calcium aluminates.
The high calcium aluminate content provides characteristics ideally suited for refractory applications where rapid hardening combined with excellent mechanical resistance and high temperature performance are required. So they are widely recommended for high performance refractories such as low cement, ultra low cement castables.

CA70 has moderate setting time and hardening properties, so it shows outstanding additives compatibility and tolerance to dosage rates in all types of deflocculated systems ensuring flexibility for optimized formulations.Its use is recommended for high performance refractories such as low cement, ultra low cement, self-flow castables and wet shotcrete products.And its rheological properties are well adapted for all types of placing methods, particularly for casting and gunning.

CA70W has short setting times and higher early strength, so it is suitable to be used in low temperature environment especially in wintertime and other urgent occasion such as rapid installation or emergency maintenance etc.

CA70S, a specially formulated calcium aluminate cement, has good fluidity and long workable time; the castables made by this product showing good working ability and excellent mechanical strength, and it suits very well to be applied in high temperature environments or hot summer time.


Workable timeModerateModerateShortShortLongerLonger
StandardUsual rangeSpecification limitUsual rangeSpecification limitUsual rangeSpecification limit
SiO2 (%)0.2-0.7≤1.00.2-0.7≤1.00.2-0.7≤1.0
Al2O3 (%)68.5-70.5≥6868.5-70.50≥6868.5-70.5≥68
Fe2O3 (%)0.1-0.5≤0.71-0.5≤0.70.1-0.5≤0.7
CaO (%)28.5- 29.528.5-29.528.5-29.5
R2O (%)≤0.4≤0.4≤0.4
S- (%)≤0.1≤0.4≤0.4
CI- (%)≤0.06≤0.06≤0.06
Specific surface areas, ㎡/kg380-420≥350400-450≥400380-420≥350
Setting time, min
Initial setting time IS180-240≥15060-120≥30240-270≥180
Final setting time FS240-300≤360120-180≤240300-360≤360
Flexural strength, Mpa
Compressive strength, Mpa

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