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Refractory Ramming Mass

High density

Good flexibility

Good chemical stability

Good thermal stability

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Alumina Ramming Mass

Alumina ramming mass is an amorphous refractory made from bauxite clinker as aggregate, powder. It is constructed with manual or mechanical ramming and then heated to form an inner lining to resist slag erosion.

Alumina Ramming Mass Features

  • Good thermal shock resistance.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Load softening temperature is high.
  • Good resistance to slag erosion.

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Alumina Ramming MassRDD-1RDD-2
Max temp ℃≥1500≥1600
BD g/cm32.6≥2.6≥2.65
CBS, Mpa ≥110℃×24h≥8≥10
CCS Mpa110℃×24h≥80≥100
BRLC (%)110℃×24h≥±0.5≥±0.5

Silica Ramming Mass

Silica ramming mass is made of quartz (SiO2) refractory raw material as aggregate and a certain proportion of powder, binders and additives.

Which can be used? For construction of lining of various kilns. The silicon ramming mass introduced today is used in the working layer of the tundish, and the service life can be up to 30 hours after the overall casting, which is generally applicable to small and medium-sized tundish.

Silica Ramming Mass Features

Convenient construction, mechanized operation and improved working efficiency.
Compact sintering, erosion resistance, and long service life.
Do not pollute the molten steel, and meet the needs of clean steel continuous casting.
The working layer does not crack during use, and it is easy to turn over the package.


Silica Ramming MassIndexes
SiO2 (%)≥90
Fe2O3 (%)≤2
BD, g/cm3≥2
Refractoriness ℃≥1750
Strength at normal temp MPa≥2
Cold crushing strength MPa≥10

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