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Semi-Silica Brick


Fire resistance:1630-1650℃

For hot furnace roof

For iron furnace lining

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Semi-silica brick can be divided into fired bricks and unfired bricks. Unburned bricks mostly use water glass as a binder. The firing process of bound bricks is roughly the same as that of clay bricks. The firing temperature is higher than that of clay bricks, generally at 1350~1410 ℃.


  1. Anti-acid slag.
  2. High temperature structural strength.
  3. Good volume stability.


NameFire resistanceBulk densityApparent porosityNormal temperature compressive strengthLoad softening temperatureAl2O3SiO2Fe2O3
Semi-silica brick1630-1650℃2.10g/cm318%29MPa1490℃21.59%76.58%0.83%


Semi-silica bricks are mainly suitable for masonry coke ovens, acidizing iron furnaces, metallurgical furnace flues and steel drum linings, etc.

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