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Si-Ni Combined SiC Bricks

High thermal conductivity

Good thermal shock resistance

Low coefficient of linear expansion

Good wear resistance

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Si-Ni Combined SiC Bricks refers to a refractory brick made of SiC as the main component and fired with industrial SiC.


  1. High strength at room temperature and high temperature
  2. High thermal conductivity
  3. Small coefficient of linear expansion
  4. Good thermal shock resistance
  5. Excellent high temperature wear resistance
  6. Strong chemical resistance


ItemClay-bound SiCClay-bound SiCMullite bonded SiCSiO2-bound SiCSiO2 combined with SiC
Bulk density /g – cm-32.4-2.6Approximate 2.52.70-2.752.662.782.82
Porosity (%)15-2514~1814~167-813.35.86
Normal temperature compressive strength/MPaApproximate 100>130120150>130
Coefficient of linear expansion ℃-1(20 to 1000 ℃)4.6×10 -6<4.9×10 -64.8×10 -64.8×10 -6(4.5-4.9)×10 -6
Thermal conductivity W – ( m – k ) -1(1000 ℃)1115.7-16.915.7 (1200 ℃)16.2 (1200 ℃)16.8-17.4
ω(SiC) (%)50~90>85>70≥908889.8≥90
ω(SiO2) (%)9.58.9
ω(Al2O3) (%)1.50.5
ω(Fe2O3) (%)0.70.3


Si-Ni Combined SiC Brick is widely used in industrial fields such as iron and steel, nonferrous metallurgy, ceramics, chemistry, electric power and aerospace.

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