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Silica Mortar

For hot blast furnace

For coke ovens

Good construction performance

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Silica mortar is an indefinite refractory material used as a joint in refractory masonry. It is composed of refractory powder, binding agent and admixture in a certain particle ratio, and is mixed with water or liquid binding agent to form a slurry. Silica mortarusing silica powder or adding part of the silica powder as the main material. The binding agent can be soft clay or chemical binding agent.


  1. High bond strength
  2. High refractoriness
  3. Excellent load softening performance
  4. Good construction performance


Flexural bonding strength 110C after drying (Mpa)
Flexural bonding strength 1400*C*3h after firing (Mpa)
Load softening temperature (0.2MPa)160015001620
Particle size composition +0.5mm (%)
Particle size composition-0.074mm (%)60506050
Bonding time(min) d1-21-22-31-2
Fire resistance cone number (cone number)170166172170


Silica mortar is mainly used for masonry repair of hot blast stoves, coke ovens, glass furnaces, acid melting furnaces, etc. and other industrial furnaces built with silica bricks.


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