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Silicon Carbide Brick

Good chemical stability

Wear resistant

High thermal conductivity

Low expansion rate

Excellent thermal shock resistance

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Silicon carbide brick is a refractory material made of SiC as the main raw material.

Clay-bonded silicon carbide bricks

Clay-bonded silicon carbide brick is made of coarse, medium and fine silicon carbide in accordance with the particle level ratio, first dry mixed evenly before adding clay and shaped by brick press. After drying for 2-4 days, the bricks are fired in a tunnel kiln with a firing temperature of 1400℃. This kind of brick has high thermal conductivity, small coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal shock resistance and good wear resistance.

High alumina silicon carbide bric

High alumina silicon carbide brick is added to the billet with fine powder, the addition amount is 30%, the final firing temperature is 1370-1480℃, and the heat preservation is 6-8 hours. This kind of refractory brick has good thermal shock resistance, good thermal conductivity and high strength.

Corundum silicon carbide brick

Corundum silicon carbide brick is made of brown corundum as aggregate, add 10% silicon carbide fine powder, phosphoric acid as binding agent, pressed and shaped by brick press, dried and fired by high temperature, firing temperature is 1450℃. This corundum silicon carbide brick has high strength, good wear resistance, strong resistance to slag erosion and good resistance to thermal shock.


  1. Good wear resistance and corrosion resistance
  2. High temperature strength
  3. Good thermal shock stability
  4. High thermal conductivity
  5. Small coefficient of thermal expansion


ltemOxide bond SiC brickGreen SiC brickCorundum silicon carbide brickMullite silicon carbide brickHigh alumina SiC brick
SiC (%)≥90≥90≥70≥65≥20
Al2O3 (%)≥20≥55
Fe2O3 (%)≤0.6≤0.6≤1.0≤1.0≤1.5
Bulk density g/cm3≥2.6≥2.6≥2.7≥2.3≥2.5
Apparent porosity (%)≤17≤17≤22≤20≤20
Cold crushing strength MPa≥100≥100≥100≥80≥80
Refractoriness under load (0.2MPa,0.6%)≥1650≥1650≥1700≥1600≥1600


  1. Silicon carbide brick can be used for metallurgical steel cylinder lining, nozzle, plug, blast furnace bottom and bosh, and heating furnace without water-cooled slide rails;
  2. Non-ferrous metal smelting stills, rectification tower trays, side walls of electrolytic cells, crucibles for smelting metals;
  3. Shelf panels and flame insulation materials for silicate industrial kilns;
  4. Oil and gas generators and organic waste combustion furnaces in the chemical industry;
  5. High-tech ceramic kiln furniture aluminum electrolytic tank lining, molten aluminum conduit and ceramic kiln furniture, large and medium-sized blast furnace lower body, furnace waist
  6. and bosh, aluminum refining furnace lining, zinc distillation tank lining, etc.


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