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Silicon Carbide Castable

SiC+C: 58-83%

For cement kiln

Good resistance to erosion

Abrasiveness resistance

High strength

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Silicon carbide castable is a kind of refractory castable. It is made of silicon carbide, graphite, anthracite, etc. as the main refractory raw materials, and is mixed with powder, binder and additives. material.

Silicon Carbide Castable Features

  1. Good resistance to erosion.
  2. Abrasiveness resistance.
  3. High strength.

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Silicon Carbide CastableSICAST85SICAST80SICAST60
Al2O3 (%)9920
SiC+C (%)837858
Bulk density, g/cm32.682.62.5
Water Required for Casting (%)6 – 76 – 77 – 8
CCS kg/cm2          110℃*24h650(140)500(90)450(70)
CCS kg/cm2          1000℃*3h850(150)600(150)550(100)
CCS kg/cm2          1350℃*3h1100(250)1000(250)1000(250)
PLC (%)                  110℃*24h-0.06-0.06-0.06
PLC (%)                 1000℃x3h-0.1-0.1-0.2
PLC (%)                 1350℃x3h-0.1-0.1-0.12
TC, kcal/mh℃      350℃11.5118


Silicon carbide castables are generally used in the lining of power plant boilers, with good wear resistance, used in the transition zone and cooling zone of cement rotary kiln, lining of non-ferrous metal holding furnace, crucible melting furnace, steel, electric power, chemical industry, building materials, glass, It can be used in kilns and furnaces in non-ferrous metals and other industries. It has good wear resistance and high strength. It is an excellent unshaped refractory castable.

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