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Special-shaped High Alumina Bricks For Power Plants

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Special-shaped high alumina bricks for power plant boilers are sold directly by the factory, and various special-shaped refractory bricks can be customized and processed.


AL2O3 (%)75655585
Fe203 (%)
Bulk density g/cm³2.
Normal temperature compressive strength MPa70605080
Load softening temperature ℃1510146014201550
Refractoriness ℃1790177017701790
Apparent porosity (%)22232421
Line rate of change (%)-0.3-0.4-0.4-0.2

Production Process

  1. Raw material screening, crushing
  2. Make molds according to drawings
  3. Gravity press compression molding
  4. drying/firing
  5. Out of the kiln
  6. Qualified loading and delivery


High alumina bricks are suitable for all major high temperature kilns.

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